Free Weekly Puzzlers
Language, Math, Science
Cogno's Challenge and Cogno's Code Breaker Science Sample 1 Science Sample 2 Mixed Subject Sample 1 Questions Mixed Subject Sample 1 Answer Key Mixed Subject Sample 2 Questions Mixed Subject Sample 2 Answer Key
Free Weekly Puzzlers
Students use critical and creative thinking as they learn science, language and math! Recommended for grades 3-8 (ages 8-13).
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  3. Solve the puzzlers in class. Then students can share them with their families!
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Science puzzlers, drawn from our award winning science board games.
Cogno's CODEBREAKER Mixed-subject puzzlers– inspired by our award-winning Codebreaker game!
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You'll receive a weekly puzzler by email, including a sheet for the students and your answer key. Solve the puzzlers in class. Then, students can take the puzzlers home to share with the family!