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Cogno, The Alien Adventure Game (CHALLENGE edition)

Race across space in this exciting board game! Employ strategy and ponder thought-provoking questions about how the universe really works. Ages 7 to adult, 2-6 players or teams.

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Quotes & Testimonials

“Of all the toys at the American International Toy Fair, Cogno is one of the Top 10 that kids would give anything to have ... it is a really cool board game that is fun and educational.“

The Washington Post

“Terrific! Cogno is fun and educational.“

Dr. Louis Friedman, co-founder (with Carl Sagan)
and Executive Director of The Planetary Society

“The perfect vehicle to pry kids away from Nintendo and get them hooked on science and space."

The Daily Herald, Chicago

"All I can tell you is that my kid giggles like mad every time she plays. And that Cogno is the first game she and her best friend want to play when they're together."

Emily B., Hastings on Hudson, NY

"Cogno is the only product in our house that competes effectively with computer games for my son's attention."

David G., St. Louis, MO

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The most fun science game ever? Educational games don't need to be boring. Cogno board games are educational games that seem like pure fun and discovery. They are adventure games. They are fun for families. They are the best science board games ever. They might be the best science games ever! Strategy, critical thinking, fun characters, and engaging graphics. All ages will enjoy our educational board games.

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