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Cogno™: The Legends; Book Series

Science fact or fiction? It's both!

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Cogno: The Legends
The book series brings to life our Cogno characters! Cogno leads his team in a series of suspenseful adventures as they unravel seemingly impossible challenges. Each team member (of which two are children) uses its unique abilities to help solve the mysteries. Real science and technology concepts are woven throughout each story. Then, a special section called "Fact, Future or Fantasy" separates fact from fiction for the reader. For ages 10 and up.

Allien Legends

Book One,


Book Two,


“I couldn’t put Mindshifters down. The charm of this book series is that you learn as you read. You can’t help it. You find yourself not only wanting to know what happens to your new alien friends, but why and how it happens. Without going out of your interstellar way, you’ll learn about the nature of nature and the workings of the Cosmos. These books are just fun. It’s a journey you’ll enjoy with science you can keep.”

-Bill Nye The Science Guy®

"Adventurous, creative, and fun. Children will love the characters and also love learning. Scientific literacy will get a great boost from Cogno and his friends.”

-Dr. Louis Friedman, co-founder (with Carl Sagan)
and Executive Director of The Planetary Society

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