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Codebreaker Game

Codebreaker starts with a simple matching game, then adds dry-erase markers and other ingenious twists! For 2-4 players, ages 7 to adult.



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Quotes & Testimonials

"Truly ingenious ... Codebreaker was a big hit and will be in your home as well."

The National Parenting Center

“It is difficult to find games that both adults and kids can both enjoy. Codebreaker is one of the best we've found!”

Joe Musto, Milwaukee, WI

“Codebreaker is a creative strategy game that is irresistibly fun, but it also allows players to compete by expressing themselves in their own way. It develops a child’s linguistic, critical thinking, creative and social skills.”

Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., aka “Dr. Toy”

"Codebreaker is a great game. Parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids can all play together. It encourages children to expand their personal thinking realm -- 'What clue do I know that my parents won't catch?’”

Dennis Lenahan, Frisco, CO

"Codebreaker cleverly uses a familiar game and adds a twist which transforms the enterprise. The result is flexibility with representations, strategic thinking and problem solving all rolled into one exciting game with educational benefits in mathematics and logic."

Jere Confrey, Ph.D., Professor, Math Education
Washington University, St. Louis, MO

"Cogno's Codebreaker game simultaneously develops a child's linguistic, critical thinking, creative, and social skills. It gives direct insight into the minds of their friends and family...in a fun way!"

Deborah Carlin, MS, PhD, Education Consultant,
CEO, Partners In Excellence, LLC

“We all played Codebreaker last night, and Jane and her friend, Annabelle, played again this afternoon.  Annabelle is absolutely goo-goo over it and wanted to know where she can get the game!”

Mary B., St. Louis, MO

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Is is a math game? Is it a language game? Is it a creativity game? Is it an intergenerational game? Is it a lateral thinking exercise? Is it an award winning family game? Our Codebreaker game is all of these! Few games inspire creative thinking, word association, different modes of expression, strategy and fun the way Codebreaker does. It is an award winning educational game that seems like pure fun. All ages love to play Codebreaker because they can use codes from their favorite memories!

Product Demo, 2-minute video

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